The Hotel Indigo guide to Europe

What is this guide?

We’ve compiled in one easy-to-use map the absolute best places for you to see, hear and taste in our neighbourhoods in Europe. It feature the favourite places of our local editors, curious guests and expert staff from Glasgow to Tel Aviv.

How do I use it?

  1. Search for your next destination or click on the shortcuts below to zoom in directly,
  2. Explore the list of chic cafés, edgy galleries, great eateries and other tips available,
  3. Add the map to your favourites on your Google Maps app (or bookmark this page) to find it again easily during or prior to your next trip! We always keep it up to date with the latest from our editors around Europe

Zoom into Europe

Take a further isight to one of our many cities:
London / Paris / Berlin / Rome / Barcelona / York / Krakow / Liverpool / Glasgow / Helsinki / Edinburgh / Madrid / Düsseldorf / Newcastle / Tel Aviv

How can I see the whole map?

You can find it below – or click here to see it in a new window.