Immerse yourself: Rome in 24 hours

8:00 Romans don’t really “do” breakfast, unless you mean a rich, creamy cappuccino. Start the day with a stroll down Corso Vittorio Emanuele II for a coffee in one of the city’s oldest open air markets. Italian for a “field of flowers,” the morning market at Campo de’ Fiori has farm-fresh veggies, souvenirs, and, of course, the best flower selection in the city.


When in Rome: Italians don’t take their coffee with milk (or foam) after 14:00. Cappuccinos are strictly for breakfast; espressos are great anytime.

9:00 Pass through Piazza Navona on Corso de Rinascimento, one of the most elegant squares in Rome. It’s renowned for a spectacular Christmas market in December and three fountains that dominate the open area—the most iconic is Bernini’s Quattro Fiumi (Four Rivers).

10:00 Just a few steps away lies the Pantheon, the massive domed temple that has impressed visitors and locals alike for 2,000 years. The cool stone interior (and free admission) make it the perfect way to beat the heat on a warm summer day.

11:00 If ancient architecture isn’t your thing, preview the latest exhibition, lecture, or “happening” at the chic, experimental Basement Roma art gallery just north of the Lepanto metro stop. It’s a scene.

12:00 It’s finally time to eat some real food. Refuel with the best prosciutto panini in the city at the aptly named La Prosciutteria. It’s popular for a reason—you can wash your panini down with a goblet of vino della casa for just 2.50€!

13:00 Scrounge around your pockets for loose change and make a wish on the lucky waters of the Trevi Fountain. There is one wish that is always guaranteed to come true: that someday you’ll return to Rome.


When in Rome: Make sure you face away from the fountain and toss your coin over your left shoulder when you make your wish. Wishes have to be done right!

13:30 Saunter past the marble ruins of the Forum and marvel at the living history of the Roman Republic. Home to amphitheaters, grand statues, and the foundations of long-lost palaces, this is the heart and soul of Rome. The vine-covered ruins mix and mingle effortlessly with the newer cafés.

14:30 Admiring history can work up an appetite. It’s time for a proper Roman snack. The supplì at RosticceRi are fried in extra virgin olive oil for optimal crispiness.

15:30 This colossal beauty has just been undergone a $27.6 million in renovations—quite the face lift. Even if you’ve seen the Colosseum before, it’s worth another visit to see its cleaned and improved state. For the best photo, walk up to the balcony above the Metro station. Relax with an espresso and snap the perfect selfie.


18:00 Check into your room at Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George, and explore the surrounding shops on Via Giulia in the heart of historic Rome. Located in the famous “Rione Regola”, built by the most inspired architects and artists of the Renaissance and lined with wonderful galleries, boutiques and the workshops of everyone from goldsmiths to mosaic-makers. This is a real community of creators.

18:30 Explore the bohemian culture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant nightlife across the River in lively Trastevere, a diner’s paradise. Wander the streets for gelato or pizza or sample the fusion of locally-sourced ingredients and minimalist sophistication at the Michelin-starred Glass Hostaria. The innovative menu changes often, so be prepared for a new twist on something old.

20:00 A trip to Rome isn’t complete without gelato. Luckily, Old Bridge Gelateria in Piazza Risorgimento is on your side of the river. Tucked around the corner from the tram stop, look for the long line (at all hours, in all weather). Don’t be intimidated—it’s worth the wait.

20:30 Pay homage at St. Peter’s Basilica—the largest dome in the city, and one of the most iconic places in the western world. The piazza outside the cathedral hosts crowded events and solemn services throughout the year, but St. Peter’s is most beautiful on a quiet night.


When in Rome: The famous “keyhole view” of the Vatican is one of Rome’s best kept secrets. Head to the top of Aventine Hill and see if you can “unlock” this view.

22:00 Wander the banks of the Tiber River Summer Festival and enjoy food, drink, and more from vendors all over the city. Stumble back to your hotel room across Ponte Sisto, or Ponte Garibaldi and watch the city’s million lights flicker across the still water.

23:00 Unwind with 360° views and a refreshing glass of Casale de Giglio white wine, from a vineyard just outside of Rome, on the rooftop garden of Hotel Indigo Rome – St George.

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