Get a nightlife in Düsseldorf’s flingern district

Flingern-Nord may be gentrifying faster than working-class Flingern-Süd, but the whole neighbourhood offers a compelling blend of history, street art and music. You can spend the afternoon perusing art galleries like Philara, situated in a former glass factory, or the 200 metres of vibrantly coloured murals on Kiefernstrasse, before heading out for a night you won’t soon forget.


Seifenfabrik Dr. Thompson’s

Housed in a converted soap factory, or Seifenfabrik, this place has been serving decadent tableside grill platters with lobsters, jumbo prawns and blood-rare tomahawk steaks since 2016. Dinner is exceptional, but guests at Seifenfabrik Dr. Thompson’s linger long after waiters clear the last plate. Once you’ve polished off dessert, unwind in the lounge, which boasts an extensive selection of German gins, including Monkey 47 from the Black Forest, Elephant from Hamburg and Brandstifter from Berlin.



Flingern’s revival began when an enterprising team converted this broken-down steel factory into a thundering techno temple. It was one of Düsseldorf’s biggest nightlife spots in the 1990s and is still going strong today. Although it’s best known for spinning vinyl and dancing until the wee hours, Stahlwerk also hosts other events. Swing by for Street Food Thursday, when food trucks and vendors serve up everything from slow-smoked ribs to locally sourced charcuterie.



Old-timers in Düsseldorf often lament how trendy the city has become thanks to the booming startup and design scene in Medienhafen. If the too-cool-for-school vibe of the bars in the Altstadt (historic centre) gets a bit much, head to Flingern-Süd for killer craft cocktails without a whiff of snobbery at Pechmarie. Mixologists at this friendly speakeasy are equally adept at classics and more inventive concoctions. Ask politely for something special and they’re almost certain to come up with a bespoke tipple. The small size means that weekend crowds regularly spill onto the street, but no one seems to mind.



Despite electronic music’s near domination of the local sonic scene, punk is far from dead at this pounding club. Located on Kiefernstrasse, a formerly seedy area of Flingern-Süd ruled by squatters in the 1980s, AK47 kicks it old-school with hardcore acts from Germany and around Europe. Expect to see multiple generations of heavily tattooed punks head-banging together at this rowdy spot. The crowd may look tough but they welcome outsiders who share their appreciation. Order a cheap beer, down a shot of Jägermeister and get into the spirit.

Et Kabuffke Killepitschstube

A low-key antidote to hip warehouse clubs, this classic German bar is a piece of history. If you’re looking for glamour, go elsewhere, but if you like the idea of befriending regulars over a long, boozy evening, then Et Kabuffke Killepitschstube is for you. Don’t bother reading the menu; do as the locals do and order a shot of Killepitsch, Düsseldorf’s homegrown liqueur. Garnet-hued and flavoured with a distinctive blend of berries and spices, it packs a 42 per cent alcohol punch, so imbibe with caution. Be sure to make eye contact when you say “Prost” and clink glasses; otherwise you might earn seven years of bad luck.

Flinger Strasse 1, 40213 Düsseldorf, +49 21 113 3269, open Mon-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 2pm-10pm

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