Footsteps to the best 12 cocktails in Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and through it flows the river clyde.  Also flowing through Glasgow are some of the world’s finest whiskies and, as a natural extension, the best cocktails. There is something for every palate, and we’ve selected some of our favourite options.

We start a few steps from Hotel Indigo Glasgow

The Tap House

Tap House Cocktails

Beautifully nestled in Finniestone Glasgow, or as some of you may have found out, the Shoreditch of Glasgow. The Tap House does not just boast craft ales and beers, but cocktails too.  We recommend The Northern Exposure – made with Ungava Gin, Blue Moon and Belgian style white beer, with a touch of honey and fresh lemon juice.  It conjures up our imaginations of the cold North, but goes down warm and inviting: a cocktail that embodies the welcoming nature of Scottish hospitality, really.

A few minutes’ walk from The Tap House, and you will come to…

The Duchess of Argyle

The Dirty Duchess

We promise you, the Duchess of Argyle will tickle your fancy. Wrap your lips around The Dirty Duchess – we mean a glass of The Dirty Duchess!  A hypnotic concoction of Kettle One Orange, plum bitters, lemon, egg, sugar and blackberry dust – you just don’t know what The Dirty Duchess is going to do to you.  You are in the Land of the Brave – so be brave and think nothing of the egg, surely the Duchess is more tempting?

The spirit of bravery will entice you to try The Knicker-Dropper Glory, best drunk by those in kilts to prevent any embarrassments. It is a tantalising blend of Hendricks Gin, guava syrup, burnt lime, peychaud bitter and soda – a combination of East and West to liberate the adventurous spirit in you.  Now that we have liberated your spirit, let’s take a quick walk to our next stop…


Named after the beautiful, rugged, isolated peninsula at the most westerly point on the British mainland, this place prides itself in sourcing Scotland’s best flavours. Bringing unique, artisan and deliciously palatable experiences to your table. Try the Ardnamartine.  It is an intoxicating brew of Hendricks Gin shaken with cucumber, apple juice and elderflower cordial, served in a martini glass, garnished with a cucumber peel – looks innocent enough, but looks can be deceiving!

If your taste-buds are calling out for more – try the Victorian Mojito, a combination of Hendricks gin, lime wedges, lime and cucumber, lengthened with soda and garnished with a sprig of mint and a slice of cucumber (supposedly to cool things down).

If you’ve been following these recommendations since the beginning, you’d be wanting for a haunt closer to the start, such as…

The Smoking Fox

The Smoking Fox

It is only a minute away from Hotel IndigoGlasgow.  Here you will find The Sly One, and yes, you can have a sly one!  It is simply Naked Grouse, pear puree and some very runny honey – a simple invite in life.  But, if you are beginning to feel a bit naughty, give Foxypolitan a try.  An impish combination of Grey Goose, St Germain and pomegranate juice – naughty, but very, very nice!

And finally, what is a night out without a proper night cap, for which we take you back to…

Hotel Indigo Glasgow

On a mission to make the Glasgow cocktail scene famous with skilfully crafted cocktails. Our favourite from the new menu may just be Blood and Sand, inspired by Rudolph Valentino’s 1922 movie of the same name. A perfect night-cap, it is a seductive combination of Chivas 12-year Whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry herring and orange juice – you are guaranteed to melt onto your pillow and into your duvet.

Remember: between Wednesday and Friday, Hotel Indigo- Glasgow offer a 5-for-5 classic cocktails for $5 each, including the elegantly balanced Cosmopolitan, the artisan Espresso Martini, an exotic touch Mojito, and the sun-kissed and fruity Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Enjoy the Scottish hospitality – warm and comforting, if packing a little too much punch at times.

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