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The five best co-working spaces in Berlin

By March 7, 2017 No Comments

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Even before the wall came down, Berlin was a city that attracted international visitors and creators. Today, the city is a global hub for artists, startups, and digital nomads. It is only natural that Berlin’s best co-working spaces—a glorified fusion of office and coffee shop with mandatory good WiFi—are centred in the city’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Hotel Indigo Berlin – Ku’damm and Hotel Indigo Berlin – Alexanderplatz are always great places to start, but here are five more to expand your repertoire:

Spott Box (Seestraße 97) With its photography studio, exhibition space, and conference rooms, Spott Box styles itself a “multifunctional” space. It’s a favourite among visual artists, which is unsurprising given the soft white aesthetic that is cosy, not sterile. Spott Box boasts a “very nice kitchen” and speedy internet, among other amenities in the Wedding district. It’s a perfect space for those who prefer an intimate, homey working vibe.

Agora Collective (Mittelweg 50) Plants fill the sun-soaked space of Agora Collective, the five-floor Center for Contemporary Practices in Neukölln. The unique co-working collective also serves as an educational hub with workshops on a number of topics, including weekly sustainable food sessions in the garden. Boasting accolades that name it one of the best co-working spaces in the world, Agora caters to professionals of all backgrounds (even those who prefer to work in silence).

Ahoy! Berlin (Wattstraße 11) As the name suggests, Ahoy! Berlin feels like the nautical loft apartment of your dreams. Workers park themselves at couches or tables in open spaces and rent out conference rooms and event spaces as needed. With a focus on entrepreneurship, Ahoy! somehow executes clean and rustic, having curated a welcoming space in which they invite clients to “Sail those rousing seas of entrepreneurship with us.” In addition to its natural light, Ahoy! boasts a café known for its tasty drinks and eats.

Thunderbolt Collective (Paul-Lincke-Ufer 20 – 22) Although this space, in the heart of Kreuzberg, is known for its 1920s architecture and high-profile tech clients, what is most impressive is its candy wall. Jars of colourful candy are up for grabs and attract those who need a sugar rush throughout the day. The loft space, which resembles a sophisticated airline lounge, was renovated to create an environment that balances work and play. It’s no surprise that there’s also a game area and nap room in the space.

Enklave (Kienitzer Str. 98) This space in Neukölln prides itself on being low-cost and community-oriented. Their motto is “Never Work Alone,” and they are perhaps best known for their flexible pricing plan, which starts at 0.99 EUR per hour. Seven rooms in the former factory accommodate all types: from the silent green room for those who need quiet to the “creative” Scandinavian room with its giant windows and ample light.

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