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3 favourite local breakfast specialities from Finland, Germany & Scotland

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Tell me what you break fast with, I’ll tell you who you are. We all know it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the old saying goes, it’s best to “have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”.

It’s especially true when travelling and discovering a new place. It transforms the mundane day-starting habit in a world of discovery. One hasn’t truly experienced Scotland without a haggis-fueled breakfast by a deliciously foggy morning. But what about a marmalade & haggis breakfast?

We’ve asked 3 of our Chefs for their favourite morning eats, and here are answers from Helsinki, Düsseldorf and Glasgow.

Slow-braised porridge & vegan corn pancakes in Helsinki

Let’s begin with family traditions. At Hotel Indigo Helsinki – Boulevard, breakfast is a family affair involving recipes which have been passed down through generations for so long that their exact origins are unsure. Here, Grandma’s porridge is unusually braised slowly in the oven underneath the über healthy vegan corn pancakes. Paired together, they give locals and guests alike a distinctive yet delicious taste of Finland.

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An equally appetising alternative to porridge are the many bread options freshly delivered from next door’s bakery. Serving Helsinki locals with fresh bread and pastries since 1852, Ekberg is Finland’s oldest bakery. Invariably, it’s the rye bread sourdough that steals the show; its recipe has stayed the same for over a hundred years (if it ain’t broke!), and it is so good that it was selected as the National Food of Finland.

Purple, blue and red potatoes in Düsseldorf

On the other side of the North Sea, Anja is at work bright and early in the kitchen of Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf – Victoriaplatz. The Head Chef, part-time blogger and full-time food lover, calls out the importance of working with local farms and producers.

“We are very careful with who we work with,” she explains, before adding: “for example, you cannot find our jams, honeys and juices anywhere else.” But it isn’t just about forging strong relationships with small farmers, it is also about championing different varieties of ingredients. “Using heirloom vegetables is great for the environment, but it even better for our health,” says Anja.

Some of her favourites include the bright blue, red and purple potatoes, full of natural colour pigments which help prevent cancer. Besides, their looks make them great to design new dishes, not to mention very Instagram-friendly.

If this wasn’t motivation enough, the hotel fully embraces the tradition of St. Martin’s Day, transforming the hotel lobby into something that resembles a pumpkin grotto, with florist Ute Ligges creating beautiful pumpkin arrangements which give the hotel a magical ambiance.

Scotch whisky marmalade & haggis in Glasgow

The inspiration behind the breakfast favourites at Hotel Indigo Glasgow comes partly from its location next to the beautiful Isle of Arran. The island is experiencing something of a food revolution, and of its manifestations is a steady stream of locally made and daringly flavoured preserves.

Haggis and pureed potatoes with Arran preserve - Photo: Arran Fine Foods

Haggis and pureed potatoes with Arran preserve – Photo: Arran Fine Foods

The most popular options with guests features Arran Fine FoodsScotch Whisky marmalade, which is rumoured to give their haggis an entirely new twist. The family-run jam supplier has already collected a staggering 12 prestigious Great Taste Awards, and its condiments were chosen by BBC MasterChef winner, Gary Maclean, to round off his meal in the competition final.

For more breakfast tales, explore our recommendations for local eateries across Europe – and make sure to try our local specialities at breakfast next time you travel with us. Oh, and ask about the neighbourhood stories once there – we promise you’ll be amazed.

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