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We welcome the curious – people who are inspired by new places, new people and new ideas. We bring you inspiring travel experiences made of eclectic design, up-and-coming artists, the best new music, locally-inspired restaurants and bars and how to best share it all. Which all inspires the design of our boutique hotels.

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Art & Design
July 14, 2017

These young London artists will convince you to buy art again

The British art market, reeling from a post-Brexit weakened pound, global economic uncertainty and a universal downturn in...
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Hotel Indigo Berlin Vegan Trail
Food & Drink
July 12, 2017

Meatless mania: Discover Berlin’s vegan playground

For a city whose culinary roots can be summed up as a trifecta of sausage, schnitzel and salami Berlin has come a long...
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Food & Drink
June 30, 2017

Berlin’s Best Rooftop Bars

There are few better ways to spend a blue-skied afternoon than perched high above the city with a cocktail in hand. Like most...
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Food & Drink
June 26, 2017

Cheese for the Palace

President Charles de Gaulle once famously asked: "How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty six kinds of...
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Art & Design
June 22, 2017

Trilbies and tassels: Funkiest London vintage clothing stores

Sure, come to London for the clothes, but skip the central crowds and megabrands and discover the thrill of the city's classic and...
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HotelIndigoTelAviv Golan
Art & DesignFood & Drink
June 15, 2017

The Israeli beer label designers who found inspiration in a minefield

In the soaring Golan Heights, the land is rocky, leafy green, and pocketed with minefields. Israel has occupied this fertile...
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Food & Drink
June 13, 2017

The International Roots of Berlin’s Favourite Street Foods

Berlin's street food culture is built on two delectable pillars: currywurst and doner kebab. Hungry Berliners have plenty of...
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Food & Drink
June 9, 2017

Warsaw’s Diverse Dining Scene

It's not all gołąbki and golonka. A city of 2.5 million, Warsaw's intersection of east and west has drawn migrants from around...
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London's hidden museums: Viktor Wynd's cabinet of curiosities
Art & Design
June 7, 2017

Where to Find Hidden Art in London

The British capital has historically been a city that likes to keep secrets, and its enigmatic side persists to this day. From...
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Art & Design
June 2, 2017

Tel Aviv: Bauhaus Heaven

Rarely do architects get to reinvent a whole school of design and then actually build it: no wonder Tel Aviv attracts Bauhaus fans...
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